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The storied life and career of MLB star Reggie Jackson is set for a film-length examination in upcoming documentary Reggie, set to premiere globally on Prime Video on March 24. Amazon released a trailer for that Alexandria Stapleton-directed documentary Thursday, and it features some rather pointed comments from Jackson:

Here’s a transcription of what Jackson says there:

“This is about my past. I don’t think it’s checkered. I wasn’t liked because I’m the truth, and the truth is painful. This is my story and how I see it. My history of the past 74 years makes me think ‘Have I done enough?’ I was angry because I constantly fought an uphill battle. Once I was on the field, I felt like I was in charge. And at this state, I want to make change. We still need dignity. That is not too much to ask for.”

And here’s more on the documentary (previously announced in February with a teaser trailer) from a release:

Reggie is the definitive firsthand account of five-time World Series Champion, beloved New York icon, and one of baseball’s most influential superstars, Reggie Jackson, as he contemplates his legacy as a trailblazing Black athlete fighting for dignity, respect, and a seat at the table. Over the course of his life and barrier-breaking career, Jackson witnessed a dramatic shift in race relations across America, starting his career in Birmingham at the height of the civil rights movement, moving to Oakland during the rise of the Black Panther Party, and landing in New York City as the highest-paid player in baseball as the Bronx was burning. Now, against the backdrop of today’s increasingly divided world, he sits down with fellow legends Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Hank Aaron, Derek Jeter, and more to discuss their own experiences, how far we’ve really come, and the leagues they want to leave behind for future generations.

Reggie is directed by Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Alexandria Stapleton, from BRON Studios, Delirio Films, and Red Crown Productions, in association with Creative Wealth Media. The documentary is produced by Christopher Leggett, Rafael Marmor, Daniel Crown, Yoni Liebling, and Alexandria Stapleton. The executive producers are Brenda Gilbert, Aaron L. Gilbert, Josh Miller, Kim Carsten, Zoë Morrison, Jason Cloth, and Suraj Maraboyina. Keith Loegering and Ryan Mooneyham are co-producers.

There’s certainly a lot of potential here. Some of Stapleton’s past work includes serving as a producer on 2018 three-part Showtime series Shut Up And Dribble on basketball and politics and producing 2021 six-episode FX miniseries Pride. And the basic premise here of Jackson looking not just at his on-field career, but at the off-field American racial history he experienced, is interesting, and the trailer certainly suggests he’ll speak his mind.

It’s also notable to see the decision to have Jackson talk about past experiences with Erving, Aaron, Jeter and others. That brings this beyond his personal experience into the experiences of others. And that could wind up being quite interesting for those curious to learn more about the history of race and sports in America, and those interested in getting perspectives on it from the likes of these prominent athletes.

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