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Heading into the 2023 NFL season, Amazon is adding several features to Prime Video’s Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats alternate feed for Thursday Night Football.

Per TechCrunch, several AI-powered graphics will be included on-screen, potentially creating a glut of information for viewers.

One new feature is called “Defensive Alerts.” TechCrunch notes that it “recognizes when defensive players are about to rush the opposing quarterback” and will place a red orb around players to keep an eye on. Amazon also claims the feature is “identifying blitzes and situations better than offensive linemen.”

Another new feature is “Prime Targets,” which places a green orb around players open for a pass. Last year, the feature was used and called “Open Receiver.”

Prime Video will also help explain fourth-down decisions (“it shows viewers exactly when a team should try a fourth down and what the probability is”) and field goal target zones (“multiple lines on the screen that tell viewers the likelihood that a kicker will make a field goal at each point”).

Like with many advanced stat features, these sound cool if they’re implemented well and work fine. Imagine if players keep getting lit up with the “Defensive Alerts” red orb and they never blitz. It’ll be a joke. But if Prime Video nails it time and time again, I wouldn’t be surprised if other networks started into looking into features like this in the future.

[TechCrunch image via Amazon/TechCrunch]

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