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The Prime Video Thursday Night Football plans have gotten a lot of attention for the primary broadcast team of Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit, but it’s also notable to see what Amazon is continuing to do with other alternate streams for those games. They’ve already announced one new one for a still-to-be-announced number of games with Dude Perfect, and now they’ve announced a notable carryover from their days as TNF’s streaming destination rather than its primary broadcaster. That would be TNF with Storm & Kremer, the Andrea Kremer-Hannah Storm broadcast they debuted in 2018 that saw the NFL’s first all-female commentary team.

This fall, Kremer and Storm will broadcast an alternate feed for two of Prime Video’s games. And their feed will now be focused more on storytelling, and will include live interviews with players and more. Here’s that announcement:

Here’s more from that release:

Storm and Kremer, who have worked together on Prime Video broadcasts over the past four seasons and became the first and only all-woman broadcast booth in the NFL, will partner once again, but in an all-new capacity. Their 2022 alternate stream will differ from the duo’s previous work on Prime Video, as they will delve deeper into storytelling and take viewers inside the matchup and league from a whole new perspective. The stream will feature live interviews with players and league insiders, behind-the-scenes stories from their decades covering the league, and much more from their unique perspectives. “TNF with Storm & Kremer” will make two appearances this coming season, with dates announced later.

“Fans have been delighted by the coverage provided by Hannah and Andrea the last several years on Thursday Night Football, and we are thrilled they are back to offer a new option to delve more deeply into the individuals in and around the game,” said Marie Donoghue, VP, global sports video, Amazon.

“I’m incredibly proud of the path Hannah and I have paved in our four years broadcasting games for Prime Video,” said Kremer. “Providing fans with truly unique insights into the game has always been our focus, and I’m excited to contribute to a new stream that will highlight our interviewing prowess and extensive knowledge of the NFL.”

“Great to be back, with a new twist, for our fifth consecutive season with Prime Video,” said Storm. “Andrea and I look forward to continuing to make the most of being the first all-woman booth to call NFL games, and showcase our own unique approach and style. Now we get to do it with some of our best friends, and some of the best minds in the game!”

This is an interesting shift for the Kremer-Storm pairing, but one that certainly seems to make some sense. With Amazon now providing the primary broadcast of these games themselves rather than just picking up partners’ feeds (most recently Fox/NFL Network), their alternate feeds can be more differentiated from the main broadcast, and Storm and Kremer both certainly have lots of interviewing experience and lots of interesting behind-the-scenes stories to tell. And they’ve been a notable addition to the Prime Video broadcasts for the last few years, so it’s cool to see that continuing. Kremer spoke to Ben Heisler on the AA podcast about the Amazon opportunity and more back in October 2018.

Beyond that, interview-emphasizing broadcasts have become a larger deal recently, both with guest-heavy alternate feeds like the ManningCast and as part of some regular broadcast feeds. And it’s also notable that TNF alternate broadcasts are likely a bigger deal this year than before, as finding one will simply require selecting a different feed in the Prime Video interface rather than shifting from a linear broadcast to a streaming one. So it makes sense that Amazon is doing some of these, and it sounds like they’ll have more to announce in the coming days as well. We’ll see what other ones there are, and we’ll see which games Kremer and Storm are tabbed for.

Thursday Night Football on Prime Video begins with the Los Angeles Chargers against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sept. 15, with pre-game coverage at 7 p.m. ET and kickoff at 8:15 p.m. ET.

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