There’s been a significant amount of discussion around Golden State Warriors’ forward Draymond Green’s budding media career, from his contributions to Turner Sports’ NBA coverage to his podcast on Colin Cowherd’s The Volume Network and the back-and-forths that’s sparked. There’s now another media project en route from Green, and it will premiere Friday, June 17, two days before a potential Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Boston Celtics (if that series, currently tied at two games apiece, goes that far).

This isn’t a live project from Green, though, so this shouldn’t lead to any further debates about his current “focus.” Rather, it’s a documentary special from Religion of Sports and Amazon Studios looking at Green’s “ongoing quest for mental health,” involving him meeting with “spiritual-and-wellness legend Deepak Chopra and master healer and well-being educator Devi Brown.” Chopra’s son Gotham, the Religion of Sports founder and the director for most of their projects, will be directing this. Here’s more from the Prime Video announcement of this special:

Today, Prime Video announced a June 17 premiere date and released the official trailer for The Sessions: Draymond Green, a gripping personal look inside the mind of NBA superstar Draymond Green. The special presentation is a co-production of Amazon Studios and Religion of Sports, and is directed by Religion of Sports’ Gotham Chopra.

The Sessions: Draymond Green explores the mind of one of today’s most polarizing athletes—wildly talented NBA icon Draymond Green, known as much for his intense demeanor on the court as for his playmaking abilities. The renewed focus on athletes’ mental well-being, in addition to their physical health, means figures like Green are looking for ways to make big changes in their lives.The Sessions pairs Green with spiritual-and-wellness legend Deepak Chopra and master healer and well-being educator Devi Brown, renowned experts who have dedicated their lives to understanding the human condition. Together, they’ll have to answer a critical question: Can this future hall-of-famer learn to train his mind as well as his body?

“I’m excited for the world to see me go on a journey they could’ve never imagined me embarking on,” said Draymond Green. “Meditation, Zen, and mindfulness bring a new balance for me. The Sessions starts a deep dive into the mind of me, Draymond Green—the player, the father, and the person. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did!”

“I’ve had a lot of existential angst the last week as I’ve wrestled with the conflict I have between rooting for my hometown team, the Boston Celtics, and my friend, partner, and subject of The Sessions – Draymond Green,” said Gotham Chopra. “Fortunately, we have produced something special that deals with this sort of emotional explosion in the cauldron of competition. On a more serious note, we couldn’t have built The Sessions around a more appropriate subject – someone fiery, impetuous, talented but also thoughtful, curious, candid, and super smart. No matter the outcome of the series and no matter what the commentators say, I believe Draymond now has the inner arsenal to navigate success and failure, winning and losing, because he has a stillness inside him that can’t be swayed. I can’t wait to see how audiences will react.”

Here’s that trailer:

The project is executive produced by Green, as well as Gotham Chopra, Tom Brady, Ameeth Sankaran, and Giselle Parets. And it’s certainly an interesting idea. Religion of Sports has explored the landscape around athletes and mental health before, particularly with the HeadStrong initative (shorts and a full documentary in partnership with Brandon Marshall and NBC Sports Regional Networks) back in 2019, so this is a logical fit for them. (And the titling here suggests “The Sessions” may go beyond Green to other athletes for future installments if it’s received well enough.) And they’ve also worked with Green’s teammate Steph Curry before for 2019’s Stephen Vs. The Game docuseries, so Green may have some familiarity with them through that. We’ll see how this project turns out and how it’s received, but it’s definitely interesting to have a new Green project premiering either a day after or during the NBA Finals.

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