Mar 28, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; McDonald’s All American West guard Bronny James (6) shoots a three point basket over McDonald’s All American East guard Stephon Castle (7) during the first half at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, Amazon announced a new documentary for Prime Video about the McDonald’s All American Games.

Here’s a brief description of the doc, which comes from Roc Nation, Known, and Creative Control.

Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, Candace, Shaq—before these legends made it big, they had to prove themselves on the same parquet floor: the magical McDonald’s All American Games. Since 1977, basketball’s most famous annual exhibitions of next-generation talent have catapulted high school seniors into the NBA, and, for many, turned their dreams of superstardom into reality. 

The McDonald’s All American Games documentary tells the story of this epic cultural phenomenon through the eyes of the legends it’s created, the lives it’s changed, and the communities it’s transformed. Production began at last year’s Games and will include coverage from the 2022 and 2023 Games in addition to other historical moments from the showcase.

So many legitimately iconic players have played in this game over the years, and I’m sure there are plenty of stories to tell. Because of that, I’m hoping the “coverage from the 2022 and 2023 Games” is more of a backdrop rather than the focus (much like the 2013 Big East Tournament was during the Requiem for the Big East 30 for 30).

Quotes from those involved seems to indicate that will thankfully be the case.

“The McDonald’s All American Games are some of the most iconic games in basketball. The mere mention of the Games conjures images of legendary jerseys and performances from the past 46 years. We’re thrilled to partner with Roc Nation, Known, and Creative Control to bring these nostalgic moments to life,” said Matt Newman, head of Prime Video Original sports content. “We can’t wait for audiences to see the historical impact of high school basketball’s most prestigious exhibition through the personal accounts of some of basketball’s biggest stars. All while examining what it means to be propelled into superstardom seemingly overnight.”

“We are excited to be a part of the team documenting the storied history of the McDonald’s All American Games, where true NBA and WNBA giants have made their mark,” stated Lori York, EVP Film and TV, Roc Nation. “We’re honored to partner with Known, Creative Control, and Prime Video to share the tourneys’ legacies of showcasing the greatest high school basketball players during their formative years as an athlete.”

Depending on the interviews and archival footage this project contains, it could be a fun watch. A premiere date has yet to be announced.

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