AEW Revolution B/R Live App AEW fans who tuned in for Revolution experienced difficulties on the B/R Live App.

All Elite Wrestling, North America’s second-most visible and prominent pro wrestling company, produced a pay-per-view event this Sunday night. AEW Revolution emanates from Greensboro, North Carolina, at the historic Greensboro Coliseum. The headline attraction is the final match for pro wrestling legend Sting. However, amid all that, and another card filled to the gills, some trouble has emerged that’s left its viewers frustrated.

Like all of AEW’s PPVs, the Revolution pay-per-view airs on the Bleacher Report Live app. The once-touted app has remained the home for AEW’s biggest shows. But it has frequently broadcasted shows with technical difficulties and other issues. That bubbled up again on Sunday night, as AEW fans were irritated by the app’s persistent problems.


Over the last few years, the B/R Live app has seen a dip in usage and visibility. It was once hawked pretty furiously by TNT Sports, then known as Turner Sports, who had invested much in the blog. When that move happened, it was surreal for some, as the website developed a reputation for its plethora of slideshows and inconsistencies. But the move legitimized them, and so did having their app.

Unfortunately, the app has lost much of its luster and need over time. NBA and NHL games that air on TNT and TBS are now streaming on Max as part of the popular streaming service’s sports add-on. Which, coincidentally, happens to be referred to as “B/R Sports.” That also goes for The Match and, eventually, the MLB Postseason.

(It begs the question of why AEW isn’t there right now; however, you have to imagine that, in 2024, the company is aware that being on a robust streaming service should be one of its top priorities)

Nevertheless, it’s an unfortunate tech situation. The good news is that there is an easy solution. And the better news is a temporary one was reached. AEW Revolution can be purchased on the Fite TV app.

You do have to still pay for it and nothing has been said about potential refunds yet.


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