Jim Ross Dec 28, 2019; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Professional wrestling commentator Jim Ross looks on before the 2019 Peach Bowl college football playoff semifinal game between the LSU Tigers and the Oklahoma Sooners at Mercedes Benz Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Since 1974, wrestling fans of all ages and genres have heard the voice of the legendary Jim Ross. From his days with Jim Crockett Promotions to his heralded time with WWE to his late-career revival with AEW, Ross has seen and said it all.

Many fans have wondered how much longer the 72-year-old Ross will want to commentate pro wrestling.

The legendary pro wrestling commentator, who now occasionally serves at the desk for All Elite Wrestling, the second-most visible pro wrestling company in America, has provided a soundtrack for decades. But during a recent Q&A that Ross held on the Grilling J.R. podcast, the famed commentator was realistic about the remainder of his career.

“It’s realistic to think that way. You know, I’m 72 years old. I feel good. I’m getting healthier every day, which is great. But I can think realistically, this could be my last year. And more than likely will,” Ross said.

J.R. has seen his workload decrease over the past few years at AEW. Originally, he was brought on as the company’s voice to give them a significant legitimacy factor. Plus, it helps that Ross has fans all over the wrestling landscape. Those who’ve appreciated his dynamic commentary have grown to become lifelong fans of his work.

Of course, his commentary has also inspired a lot of memes across various other sports as well.

For the time being, expect to continue hearing Ross on AEW pay-per-views and other programming. He signed a one-year deal to remain with AEW through 2024.

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