As Stephen A. Smith noted earlier this year, Baker Mayfield made more Progressive commercials than he had wins for the Cleveland Browns last season. But he won’t be able to add one more to his final tally.

Cleveland traded Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers last week. While football fans can certainly live without him quarterbacking the Browns, were they also prepared to lose his Progressive commercials, which were filmed at the Browns’ stadium of Progressive Field? The new Panthers quarterback confirmed Tuesday that the At Home With Baker Mayfield series of Progressive commercials is over.

Throughout his tenure in Cleveland, Mayfield’s Progressive commercials were a staple of the football season, with the series portraying him as living in the Browns’ stadium while amusingly completing household chores for the team. The commercials featured Mayfield watering plants, mowing the lawn, washing dishes, and deicing the stadium stairs.

Adding to the crushing reality of unforeseen ramifications to Mayfield being dealt to Carolina is the fact that he wanted to do one last commercial, but Progressive didn’t accept the offer. Mayfield pitched a moving out installment for the series, and called Progressive’s reluctance a “missed opportunity.” Watching Mayfield pack up a U-Haul and relocate to Carolina’s Bank of America Stadium seemed like an obvious win for Progressive, but perhaps the Ohio-based insurance company wasn’t ready to see him move.

They’ll have to move on eventually, just as Mayfield seems to already have. During his introductory press conference, Mayfield made sure to mention his excitement about being able to try Charlotte’s fast food staple Bojangles, hinting that he’s ready for some new endorsement deals.


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