Florida Panthers win Stanley Cup Final Jun 24, 2024; Sunrise, Florida, USA; Florida Panthers celebrate winning against the Edmonton Oilers in game seven of the 2024 Stanley Cup Final at Amerant Bank Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

What once appeared to be a boring, sweep-in-progress in the Stanley Cup Final instead came down to a thrilling final few seconds in Game 7.

While the Florida Panthers worked to keep the Edmonton Oilers and the puck locked against the boards in those closing seconds, TV and radio announcers were giving it their all to keep up with the furious action.

On ESPN on ABC’s broadcast, play-by-play announcer Sean McDonough made a brilliantly concise observation as the Oilers tried but failed to score in the final minute.

“They all look gassed in the Edmonton white,” McDonough said with 45 seconds remaining.

McDonough got a workout himself in the final seconds.

“20 seconds to go! One last gasp for Edmonton โ€ฆ 12 seconds to go!” McDonough exclaimed. “Florida trying to end it up against the wall, which would be fitting. Three seconds to go! The Florida Panthers have won the Stanley Cup!”

McDonough then wisely paused for more than a minute, allowing the crowd noise, horn, music and PA announcer in the Panthers’ Amerant Bank Arena to come through loud and clear on the broadcast.

“For the first time in their 30-year history, the Florida Panthers are Stanley Cup Champions,” McDonough said, breaking his silence. “They made it about as hard on themselves as they possibly could.”

On the Panthers radio network, play-by-play man Doug Plagens could barely control his excitement (“A dream 30 years in the making is a reality, the Florida Panthers have won the Stanley Cup!”) but he got outshouted by ecstatic color analyst Bill Lindsay.

“Lord Stanley is coming home! You always will have a place in South Florida!” Lindsay yelled. “Stanley! Cup! Champions!”

On Sportsnet, which broadcast the game in Canada, Chris Cuthbert saw the clock running out on the Oilers.

“Into the corner, Florida trying to keep it there!” Cuthbert called. “Clock is draining! And for the first time in their history, the Florida Panthers are Stanley โ€ฆ Cup โ€ฆ Champions!”

For a series that started out looking like an easy Panthers sweep, it’s doubtful any of those announcers thought they’d be calling the final few seconds of a Game 7 in that fashion.

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