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Jason Kelce is quickly becoming a busy man in his life off of the football field, both with the New Heights podcast with his brother Travis Kelce and his recently announced new role on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. But he did have time to make a cameo appearance in a number of short, pre-recorded videos for contestants on the Jeopardy! Masters finale on Wednesday night.

The Jeopardy! Masters finale featured Kelce pretty extensively, actually having an entire category called “The World Revolves Around Jason Kelce” dedicated to him.

One moment in particular from Kelce caught the attention of many viewers of the show. Kelce is well-versed in performing in front of a national audience on the football field. But in his Jeopardy! appearance, he performed in an entirely different way, singing the beginning of Salt-N-Pepa’s hit song ‘Push It’ as a clue to one of the questions about the song for the contestants.

He hilariously led into the clue by referencing the Philadelphia Eagles’ famous “Tush Push,” and then proceeded to sing part of the song which obviously refers to pushing.

“I was a key part of our quarterback sneak known as the Tush Push,” said Kelce in a video shared by Roberto Shenanigans on X, formerly known as Twitter. “So I always smile knowingly when I hear their song, ‘Ah push it, push it good, ah push it, push it real good”.

It obviously wasn’t the best singing performance, but the clue was at least enough for one of the contestants, Yogesh Raut, to guess the correct band behind the song. 

It’s safe to say Kelce won’t look into becoming a professional singer anytime soon… Instead, he will be fully diving into his career at ESPN soon as we approach the upcoming 2024-25 season, which should be very interesting to see. 

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