Stephen A. Smith has spent an incalculable amount of time in front of a television camera, so it makes sense that filling in for Jimmy Kimmel came pretty easily for him.

Still, it was fascinating to see Smith in a completely different context, as he hosted the late night program with guests Snoop Dogg, Allyson Felix, and Nelly.

Here’s his entire monologue:

If you don’t want to spend 13 minutes watching, here are a few selected clips from the opening and the interviews.

First, Stephen A., taking some shots at the anti-vax crowd who have turned to livestock medicine:

There’s admittedly a fun base-level appeal to seeing Stephen A.’s trademark outrage focused on some of society’s deserving absurdities, rather than reacting to, like, the Indiana Pacers losing a game in January.

Smith hit on a few other relevant topics, as well, and then moved on to some sillier fare:

And, hey, Smith breaking down the milk crate craze with Snoop was certainly worth a watch:

And, then, more Snoop content, talking poignantly about athletes turning to marijuana for a pain treatment alternative to opioids:

All in all, Smith did a very solid job. He’s a pro as a broadcaster, whose omnipresence across ESPN platforms over the last decade-plus means the audience has a strong reference point for him. His willingness to make fun of himself here played very well, as well, and he deserves credit for handling a gig that would trip up a lot of people, including a lot of other broadcasters.

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