ESPN is offering up lots of holiday related programming on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on their collection of networks. Of course we know ESPN will be airing NBA action on Christmas Day, but ESPN2 will also have a 30 for 30 Christmas marathon. SEC Network will once again air a traditional yule log with SEC fight songs interspersed with Christmas standards. Longhorn Network will air an up close and personal special starring Bevo XV where you can watch him do exciting things like graze and stand around a bunch.

But by far my personal favorite Christmas special out of Bristol is what’s going to air on ESPNU Christmas morning. From 7-8 AM ET you can watch Mike Golic Jr. eat Christmas cookies in his pajamas on “A Very Golic Christmas.”

This is indeed a very real thing. Here’s the video evidence!

And here’s the description from ESPN:

Like many Americans, ESPN analyst Mike Golic Jr. loves college football and also loves Christmas cookies. On Christmas morning, let ESPNU’s cozy holiday studio light up your living room with an enchanting fireplace, excessive tinsel and an uninterrupted telecast of Golic Jr, in his holiday pajamas, eating cookies. A Very Golic Christmas is on from 7-8 a.m. ET.

This fascinates me way more than it should. There are just SO MANY QUESTIONS. I mean, is he going to eat all of those cookies? He has one hour to kill. Is he ever going to say anything or just sit there the entire time? Who is that bringing him milk? Why does he look so stoic? Where is Mike Golic Sr. and why isn’t Jr. spending Christmas with his family? How did he get chosen for this anyways?

I would just love to have been in the executive board room where this idea was first hatched and approved.

Exec 1: “Team, we have nothing to air on ESPNU Christmas morning. Ideas. Go.”
Exec 2: “Well, we could just air another replay of Ohio State-Michigan?”
Exec 3: “College basketball?”
Exec 4: “Hockey?!?!”
Exec 5: “A preview special for the Birmingham Bowl?”
Exec 1: “No you fools! I’ve got it! Mike Golic Jr. eating Christmas cookies in a onesie in front of a fireplace for a solid hour!”
Everyone: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can say Golic Jr. got his job at ESPN because his dad has been a co-host of Mike and Mike for what seems like an eternity, but he actually does a really good job on the radio. In fact, Golic Jr. is probably one of the rising stars at the network and if ESPN ever decides to split up Mike & Mike he’s a natural fit for a bigger role. Maybe being willing to be filmed eating Christmas cookies for one hour in his pajams is a sign that he’s fully committed to ESPN moving forward. Or he lost some kind of bet and has to pay the consequences.

Seriously though, we all need to do our part and tune in to Mike Golic Jr. eating Christmas cookies for an hour on national television Christmas morning. If this beats Skip Bayless and FS1 in the ratings it would be the greatest event in the history of ESPN.

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