Admit it – the best part about the Super Bowl is not the game, not the halftime show, not even all of the debuting commercials.  It’s the prop bets.  Because if America loves anything, it’s betting frivolously on anything to do with professional football.

Here at AA, we’re always in tune with the prop bets relating to the broadcast for the big game.  But this year there’s one in particular that definitely catches our eye – you can make a wager on whether or not Mike Carey will be wrong on a challenge.

Here’s the prop bet via Bovada:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.58.41 AM

Carey has been CBS’s NFL rules analyst for two seasons, but in spite of having a successful officiating career and seeming like an all-around nice guy, he’s never been a good fit on television.  He often sounds unsure of himself, hedges on calls, and ends up disagreeing with the eventual call all too often.  CBS has defended Carey, but the standard of “he’s right more than he’s not” seems to be a pretty low bar in a field like officiating where 100% accuracy is expected.  At least CBS can be encouraged that Carey getting a challenge wrong is the money line underdog.

Some of our other favorite broadcast-related prop bets include the following:

– How many times the Golden Gate Bridge will be shown (Over 0.5 is a mortal lock)
– How many times “dab” or “dabbing” will be said by the announcers (Under 2 -140 is the safe bet with Phil Simms and Jim Nantz at the mic)
– Which region will have a higher Nielsen rating (basically a toss-up, but I’d lean towards Carolina)
– How many times John Elway and Archie Manning will be shown during the telecast (take the under on both)

I wouldn’t mind seeing a prop bet on “How many times will Phil Simms mention the word ‘football’ on the broadcast” but that might be too high of a number to try to calculate.

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