college gameday

During an election year, cable news has a tendency to feel like one long pre-game show. Leading up to the day votes are cast, we get some primaries, a few debates and the rest of the time just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and talk.

So it makes some sense that someone watching CNN’s coverage of Sunday night’s presidential debate could get confused where he was.

Just think of all the reasons ESPN’s College Gameday is better than CNN’s debate coverage. Everyone’s enthusiastic and optimistic about the future! The countdown clock doesn’t start 24 hours in advance! Lee Corso is there! Donald Trump isn’t!

On Gameday, Corso puts on cool headgear to represent whatever school he’s picking that week. At the debate the only headgear is Trump’s hairpiece.

On the other hand, Wolf Blitzer has a much cooler name than Rece Davis, so that’s something to consider.

Anyway, maybe our young sign-holder here should think about forgoing the third debate and heading to Gameday instead.

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