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The farewell tour for Vin Scully is unlike anything we have seen in modern sports. Sure, we’ve seen Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter’s goodbyes but the longevity and consistency in which Scully performed is almost unmatched.

Performing solo in the booth for as long as he has is an accomplishment all by itself. Los Angeles loves him and more importantly, the Dodgers love him. He got an opportunity to kick off Game 5 of the NLCS, and it will even bring chills to even the most jaded baseball fan.

Joined by his wife, Sandra Hunt, Scully still has the voice and energy of a much younger man. The standing ovation he receives, from not only the Dodger fans but from the players, is one of the rare moments you see where the respect comes from all over. Scully’s retirement is a loss for baseball fans and anyone who appreciates broadcasting.

His longevity (66 years in the booth) is also a record similar to that of Cy Young’s wins record or Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak: We all know that we won’t see anything like it ever again.

If Scully is going to continue to be the Dodgers rallying cry, the Cubs may not hang on much longer.

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