American treasure Vin Scully appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night for a rare appearance on late night television. It just so happened that the same evening, Scully’s beloved Dodgers were in Washington DC defeating the Nationals in Game 5 of their ALDS series.

While Scully isn’t announcing any postseason games this year and is officially retired, he’s still clearly enjoying himself. The highlight of the appearance last night may have been Scully calling a celebrity softball home run of Kimmel’s from long ago, including a detailed trademark introduction telling Kimmel’s life story as only he can. Just look at Kimmel’s childish grin and how much of a thrill this is for him.

Scully also touched on his longevity with the Dodgers, in Los Angeles and in Brooklyn. The longtime announcer reflected on his early days on the west coast in the LA Coliseum and how the radio broadcasts helped to allow new fans to know the players better.

Finally, highlights from Scully’s younger days as a kid and as a broadcaster. He talked about how he first got interested in baseball in the 1930’s and how he first heard games on the radio. In those days, Scully said, it was mostly college football games and he fell in love with sports because of the roar of the crowd.

Every aspiring broadcaster should listen to the above video and paste this quote from Scully on their wall:

“If I had any kind of a trademark whatsoever, I try to call the play as quickly and as accurately as possible and shut up. And when that crowd roars, for a brief time, I’m 8 and a half years old.”

The season-long goodbye to Scully was a truly memorable ride. Personally, I’m glad he went on Kimmel’s late night program given his history and knowledge about sports. If Scully would have gone on Jimmy Fallon, he probably would have been asked to smack eggs against his forehead or something.

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