Eli Gold Verne Lundquist

Legendary CBS announcer Verne Lundquist is one of a kindor is he? Lundquist’s final Iron Bowl broadcast Saturday had plenty of highlights, including a booth visit from Joe Namath, and another one involved the CBS broadcast showing off his “double,’ long-time Alabama radio play-by-play broadcaster and voice of the Crimson Tide Eli Gold. Here’s the clip:

And here’s another clip of the two of them together pre-game, with a shirt showing how easy it is to mix them up:

Gold has been calling Crimson Tide games since 1988, while Lundquist has been calling the SEC on CBS for the last 17 years, so the two have been in the same places quite a bit. There’s definitely a remarkable resemblance between them as well. It’s cool to see this featured on the broadcast, and the t-shirts are great. And hey, there are many worse people to be confused for than Verne Lundquist…

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