It’s no secret that Amazon has been expanding their presence in the sports world, hiring SI/120 Sports vet James DeLorenzo earlier this year to head their sports group and announcing a partnership with NFL Films for a new Hard Knocks-style series on the Arizona Cardinals. The series, titled “All Or Nothing,” is based on NFL Films camera crews following the Cardinals throughout last season, all the way to the NFC Championship Game. Amazon announced Monday that the series will premiere on Amazon Prime’s video-streaming service on July 1 and will be narrated by Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame. Here’s the trailer for it:

This certainly would seem to have some potential, especially for fans of NFL Films’ pre-existing work and behind-the-scenes documentaries. The subject matter’s going to be different from Hard Knocks given the timeframe, which could be both good and bad; the advantage of the season-long shoot is that fans will get to see what goes on during meaningful games, not just training camp, but the disadvantage is we already know how things ended for the 2015 Cardinals. We’ll see how the series turns out and what kind of reception it gets, but it looks like a reasonable entry into the sports documentary space for Amazon, and one that might draw a decent audience.

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