One of the most comical sports stories we’ve heard in quite some time is Chris Sale getting suspended by the White Sox after desecrating the team’s throwback jerseys because he didn’t want to pitch in them.

Sale going crazy with a pair of scissors has led to a number of surreal memes and headlines and even intensified talk that he might be traded.  It’s even made Adam LaRoche’s sudden retirement because the White Sox wouldn’t let his kid in the locker room the normal story to come out of the southsiders’ locker room this year.

During last night’s Cubs-White Sox broadcast, Jon Sciambi asked Rick Sutcliffe if he had anything to say about Sale and Sutcliffe responded in the funniest way possible – he cut up his own tie.

Brilliant.  Although I think the best part of the video just might be Sciambi’s deadpan reaction.

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