Matt Millen

Current Big Ten Network analyst Matt Millen gets regular mockery for his term as the Detroit Lions’ president and CEO from 2001 to 2008, which produced a 31-84 record (with a .270 winning percentage, the worst in the modern-era NFL over an eight-year span), and Millen is clearly aware of that. He even chimed in with a little self-mockery while praising Wisconsin linebacker Vince Biegel during BTN’s Minnesota-Wisconsin broadcast Saturday:

“Gotta love Vince Biegel. If I were picking a team…and there are people in Detroit that would say, ‘Please, don’t do that!’…I would still take Vince Biegel.”

That’s pretty funny, and that’s good self-awareness from Millen. His record as an executive is certainly worth questioning, as is his record as a personnel evaluator, but he’s not the one who hired him for that job despite a lack of personnel experience, and at least he recognizes how poorly things turned out for him.

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