It’s a Monday morning, which means we’re required to show you a John Oliver clip from the night before.

This week, one of Oliver’s targets for his weekly takedowns was the Rio Olympics.  Specifically, Oliver ripped apart NBC’s coverage of the Olympic opening ceremonies.  The British comedian mocked the insipid commentary from Matt Lauer, Hoda Kotb, and Meredith Vieira during the festivities.  It doesn’t get any more awkward in any medium of media than Hoda Kotb making a “Djibouti” joke.

And that is what NBC tape delayed the broadcast of the opening ceremonies one hour for!  So the Today Show club could make uncomfortable comments about various people and nations!

Oliver then turned his attention to the Olympics as a whole including some of the political turmoil in Brazil.

Oliver’s sports commentary is some of his best work.  Why FS1 threw tens of millions of dollars at Cowherd and Bayless when they could have saved it for John Oliver is beyond me.

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