The life of a sideline reporter in football can be a dangerous one. What, with your back usually to the action, there is plenty to worry about from the action of the game while filming for your television viewing pleasure.

However, Fox Sports reporter Bruce Feldman probably didn’t think his spot on the sideline before a game was dangerous at all. That couldn’t have been further from the truth as he was on site for the Texas-TCU game.

As he went live to Rob Stone in studio, the Texas band took the field behind and around him. Needless to say Feldman’s head was nearly taken off a few times and the band was louder than whatever point he was trying to make.

Talk about an epic fail…even Rob Stone had to give him the business for that effort.

Others piled on one of the most prolific follows on Twitter:

That was only topped by Feldman’s self-deprecating response to it all:

Of course, it would’ve helped if Feldman knew that the Texas marching band was about to take the field. Instead, he just decided to post up on the field and hold his ground. Perhaps we should dub this “Feldman’s Alamo?”

Chalk this up under the “what not to do as a sideline reporter” category.

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