Ernie Johnson is one of the best people working today in sports media and that’s probably not nearly good enough of a compliment.

It’s certainly non-traditional for 99% of sports shows to spend their opening ten minutes commenting on a presidential election, but that’s exactly what Inside the NBA did tonight. “Stick to sports” has never really been their thing and tonight’s episode was no different.

While Shaq, Kenny, and Charles had some very thought-provoking and thoughtful things to say regarding Donald Trump’s surprising upset over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, it was Ernie Johnson that caused us to put our smartphones down, stop checking Twitter, and pay attention.

In the wake of the election, protests, celebrations, and every other emotion in between, EJ offered everyone watching a calm, uplifting voice of reason. He opened up about writing in John Kasich as his vote in the presidential election. Additionally, he touched on healing the divide that currently exists in the country, his personal faith, and doing his own part to work together to move us all forward.

Well said, EJ. Well said.

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