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No one on TV veers off topic like Charles Barkley. That’s why a conversation on Inside the NBA about the Thunder-Warriors game on Thursday night ceaselessly turned into rant about ESPN and a beginner’s Spanish lesson.

It started with a conversation about Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook’s icy relationship and the fact that the two stars didn’t acknowledge each other before Thursday’s game. Charles was not surprised by this, noting, “Who acknowledges people they don’t like? I only acknowledge Kenny because we work together.”

Kenny then suggested Charles go to ESPN so the two could avoid talking to each other, producing this amazing commentary from Charles:

“They’re not going to work me like a dog and not pay me. They’ll have me on ESPN 1, 2, 3, ESPN News, ESPNU, ESPN Radio and then come up with that little puny check.”

Then it got even better:

“They’re gonna have me on ESPN Deportes saying, ‘muy bien gracias!'”

He then said something about “my muchacha” that is entirely unintelligible.

Here’s the clip:

You can tell everyone on set appreciated Barkley’s jab at ESPN, because they all immediately cracked up, and Ernie Johnson made only minimal attempts to reign Charles in.

Though Charles isn’t quite bilingual just yet, he has clearly been practicing his Spanish (which he vowed to master five years ago). Back in May, he couldn’t figure out what “Hola, como estas?” meant, and now he’s out here speaking in full sentences, sort of.

In the middle of Charles’ dissertation, Ernie commented that, “Nothing good happens after 1:15 in the morning.” This clip definitely proves untrue.

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