These Olympics have had their share of problems, from crime to infrastructure to bacteria, but at the end of the day, Rio is still the type of place where a parade of women can come marching down the beach at night, singing and chanting… and then crash your television set.

On Sunday, a Brazilian bachelorette party — or “hen party,” as the Brits say — made a surprise appearance during Dan Walker’s stand-up on BBC. Walker invited the bride onto the set, and it turned out pretty great.

But, wait, it gets better:


You know, we’ve heard so much media-bashing lately that it’s kind of refreshing to hear those chants of “BBC-BBC-BBC.” The media doesn’t have many friends, these days, but at least we can count Maria as one.

Maria went on to shout-out her fiancé, then make a “call-me” gesture (which you can see here depending where live).

As Walker pointed out on Facebook, “546 things could have gone wrong,” when he invited a drunken bride onto his live TV segment, but instead his interview with Maria resulted in enthusiastic chants about his network and a viral video.

Apparently enjoying the attention she received from her big BBC appearance, Maria joined Twitter to bask in the glory. Then her mom commented “God save the queen” on a BBC Facebook post.

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