Sports announcers are often at their best when they give voice to fans’ reactions while watching the same event. A fine recent example of this is SNY’s Gary Cohen calling Bartolo Colon’s first career home run one of the great moments in baseball history. (Putting events in their proper perspective and capturing the value of the moment is also a key trait for good broadcasters.)

But once in a while, something funny or ridiculous will happen in a game and it’s fun when an announcer recognizes the hilarity and just laughs with the moment. Sure, maybe you could say that the broadcaster should have a bit more composure as he or she is trying to describe what happened. But they’re observers too and have natural, human reactions.

Case in point: Striker Mao Biao of Tianjin Teda missing a wide-open net as he slips and lets the ball slip between his knees during this Chinese Super League match.

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The way 毛彪 missed a goal made commentator laugh out loudly. CFA Cup 2016.

The laughter is probably preferable to a shout of disbelief, though fans of Tianjin Teda likely didn’t find the missed shot very funny. Perhaps the announcer imagined himself in Biao’s shoes and could see himself making a similar mistake. Maybe he was just glad to not be Biao in that moment.

Or is it possible that the broadcaster was ready to say something not fit for air, caught himself before it went from brain to mouth and laughed about what could have been said? That seems entirely plausible, especially if you’re overthinking what was probably a reflexive reaction.


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