It’s the story that ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst can’t shake. Did he fall asleep on the air during a SportsCenter hit, as it appeared? Or was he looking down at his phone during his segment, which made him look as if he was closing his eyes?

Naturally, Windhorst denied that he fell asleep on live television. He also mounted a rather believable defense for himself, against those mocking him for daring to check his phone for news, rumors or maybe Facebook and Twitter updates while he was on camera. Hey, we don’t see NFL insider Adam Schefter pulling that stuff, and that guy has probably somehow merged with his phone, cyborg-style!

Windhorst even lamented the type of device ESPN gave him, which may have contributed to him needing to look down so obviously while on the air.

Well, at least someone is keeping the flip phone industry alive. Hey, we can’t all be carrying around smartphones out there. (Actually, we probably can. Have you looked around recently? Seen any flip phones, even among people who appear as if they could be living in a different decade or century? Everyone’s got a smartphone. Except ESPN reporters, apparently.)

But Schefter would not let his ESPN colleague off the hook when given the opportunity. He instead used what we would typically call a teachable moment to make his fellow reporter a better on-air presence in regards to checking that valuable, integral piece of technology while on camera.

OK, the drool crack was hitting a bit low, but Schefter does have a point in that it’s possible to look down while keeping our eyes open. Don’t most of us do this at the bar or during lunch when listening (or “listening”) to a significant other, friend or colleague talk about what’s new with them?

No? Just us? Did we say too much? OK, we’re putting our phones away. No, really — we’re listening. That’s a great story.


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