To say Vin Scully is the greatest isn’t doing justice to Vin Scully. The way he weaves tales and is able to tell what’s happening in a game is truly a joy to listen. And when you read what he said, it’s as if he’s writing prose as well.

During Thursday night’s Diamonbacks-Dodgers game, Scully discussed the D’Backs’ Nick Ahmed and his number 13 and then transitioned to why we should not be so superstitious about it. Basically he’s telling those who have triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13) that they should appreciate the number rather than avoid it.

Scully is an American treasure and it’s sad that this is his last season. The above shows that not only does Vin still have his fastball, but he’s throwing it at 100 mph. The video clip of Vin’s tale about the number 13 can be seen here.

This isn’t the first time Vin has broached the number 13. Back in 2013 (yes!) during a Giants-Dodgers game, Vin discussed the origins of why Friday the 13th was considered to be unlucky and wouldn’t you know it, he mentioned Tupac!

[MLB Cut 4]

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