So we’ve already established this week that Stephen A. Smith is on ESPN airwaves for enough minutes that your cable bill should now come with a Surgeon General’s warning.  Well, it wouldn’t surprise you that SAS was part of ESPN’s postgame coverage for Game 6 of the Cavs-Raptors series when Cleveland clinched a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Also present for ESPN’s postgame coverage was Jamie Foxx, because if there’s one thing Bristol loves more than Stephen A. Smith, it’s celebrity cameos.  This one was actually worthwhile though as Foxx broke out his Smith impression, which is much better than listening to the real thing.

The only thing missing from that whole sequence was Foxx trolling Drake over his Raptors losing.  I’m sure we have a Crying Jordan meme to make up for it, don’t we internet?

And our evening is complete.

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