Uber drivers striking up sports conversations with their passengers can be a great thing, but you might want to be sure of who you’re driving before bashing them.

ESPN play-by-play man Adam Amin and analyst Mack Brown were in San Antonio Tuesday ahead of Thursday’s Valero Alamo Bowl. They took an Uber, and their driver was eager to share his opinions on Texas football, the program Brown coached from 1998-2013. Here’s how that went:


That’s a fantastic response from Brown (and better than if he’d, say, left the car in the middle of the ride), but Amin’s conclusion might be even better:


Saying someone “sure couldn’t coach” is an interesting comment in general when the coach in question was at your school for a decade and won six division championships, two conference championships and a national title, but it gets even more interesting when you consider that his replacement (Charlie Strong) posted two 5-7 seasons before getting fired. Yes, there were problems with the end of Brown’s tenure, but that’s awfully harsh criticism of someone who did a lot for the Texas program. Beyond that, though, if you’re going to drop that kind of criticism, you might want to make sure you’re not talking to the person in question. At least, not if you want to receive good reviews.


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