The famous documentary series Planet Earth is getting a sequel, Planet Earth II. Why? Well, the planet hasn’t changed all that much from the first series… but it’s probably smart not to wait until the point when the Earth becomes a toxic greenhouse of sulfuric gases that turns the planet into a deathtrap. Fancy nature documentaries will probably be a bit further down the pecking order at that point.

Anyhoo, Planet Earth: This Time It Counts has already gotten lots of attention on social media because of one breathtaking video where an iguana runs for its life trying to escape a pack of snakes. This one clip has already been RT’d 40,000 times.

But you’re not here just to see what everyone else on the internet has already seen, what is this a John Oliver blog post? No, you’re here to see the genius work of Uproxx editor Brian Grubb, who set the now famous nature video to the soundtrack of NFL Primetime. A soundtrack that just happens to be the best in the history of sports television.

Remember when everyone on the internet and in social media put sports videos to old announcing clips of famed wrestling announcer Jim Ross? That was great, and still is. But I’m ready for the trend of 2016-2017 to be setting viral social media videos to classic tunes from NFL Primetime. Can you think of a viral video that wouldn’t sound better with that music behind it? Especially crazy nature videos? I don’t think so.

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