TSN’s hockey crew has long been known for all sorts of creative videos, from their take on the Roberto Luongo – Cory Schneider rivalry to The Panel Hangover to Puck Over Glass, and for their latest endeavor, they’re channelling…90s boy bands? Dressing and dancing like 90s pop stars to discuss the epidemic of video review goals/non-goals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (with music and singing from TSN’s Lester McLean, and lip-synching, choreography and outfits from everyone) sounds pretty crazy, but it works amazingly well:

There’s so much going on here, from Bob McKenzie’s rap to James Duthie’s sunglasses and gold chains to the group dab to Jeff O’Neill’s jacket and Jamie McLennan’s blown kiss. The collection of GIFs BarDown has put together is quite something, too; here are a few of the best.

There are even some pretty good outtakes, which show how fun this must have been to put together. Maybe this is the advantage of TSN not having national NHL rights; they can take the time to come up with something like this. Well done, guys.

You can buy “Don’t Take My Goal Away” on iTunes here.


About Andrew Bucholtz

Andrew Bucholtz is a staff writer for Awful Announcing.

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