It’s a tradition unlike any other.  No, not the Masters.  College basketball fans trying to locate what channel truTV is after not watching it for 11 months out of the year.

truTV is the fourth network in the CBS-Turner NCAA Tournament conglomerate and it’s the network that is a new player in the sports world.  While TNT and TBS both have deep histories televising live sporting events, truTV has been home to shows like Impractical Jokers and Lizard Lick Towing.  (You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Jim Nantz read a Lizard Lick Towing ad.)

This year, truTV went the self-deprecating route in re-introducing themselves to college basketball fans.  They even promoted the hashtag #trutvisathing…

They then played videos in tweets to people all around the sports world with more videos and gifs from truTV personalties and wait… is that David Spade?!?!

All fun and games, right?  Well on Tuesday night with the first games of the First Four on truTV, whoever was handling the station’s Twitter account went on the offensive.  The account swatted back in a major way at comments making light of truTV’s annual March cameo.  At least for this first night of March Madness, truTV’s Twitter account became March Snarkness.  Heh… wait, that’s a terrible joke.  Read these tweets while I pray to the blogging Gods for forgiveness..

Ouch.  I can feel the burn all the way through my keyboard.  Finally, truTV ended the night with this message-slash-declaration-of-war to college basketball fans:

This is actually pretty brilliant on the part of truTV and tonight’s First Four games should be a lot of fun to watch on social media.  Now if only Turner would go all the way and put the National Championship Game on truTV, then the fireworks would really begin.

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