ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell takes his tweeting very seriously, especially when it surrounds major events in sports.  Rovell has even talked about how he has tweets loaded up for those big occasions well in advance.

Well, Kobe Bryant’s farewell day was one of those occasions and Rovell was firing off the tweets early and often.

As you could imagine (since these are Darren Rovell tweets we are talking about here), at least one person wasn’t so appreciative of the Rovell-Kobe barrage.  That was ESPN colleague Trey Wingo.  The host and anchor thought Rovell was making the entire production a bit too much about himself.

Wingo’s tweet even got a compliment from NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen.

And just in case you were wondering, Rovell sent 71 tweets about Kobe yesterday.  Bryant must have been trying to get one point for every tweet last night.

H/T College Spun

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