Now that we’ve moved past the NFL Draft, the future of ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer has become quite the topic du jour in the football and sports media worlds.  Over the weekend it was reported that Dilfer was on his way out at ESPN and preparing to look for more opportunities elsewhere.

On Monday, the website Niners Noise of the Fansided Network reported that Dilfer was finalizing a deal to join the San Francisco 49ers in some mystery capacity, specifically to help coach up the team’s quarterbacks.

Soon thereafter, Dilfer unequivocally shot down that report in a statement to the Mercury News:

Trent Dilfer shot down Internet rumors Monday that he could be joining the 49ers in some capacity upon leaving his role as an ESPN analyst.“I have no intention of joining the 49ers,” Dilfer told this newspaper in an exclusive phone interview. “I have never been talking with the 49ers about this and I’m focused on continuing my broadcasting opportunities.”

So much for that.  At least Dilfer has learned from ESPN colleague Jon Gruden on how to effectively shoot down internet rumors that will connect you to every possible job in football.

It’s curious that Dilfer would make no mention of his employment with ESPN, only referring to future “broadcasting opportunities.”  If that’s not a sure sign that he’s moving on from Bristol, I don’t know what is.  So once again, the questions turn to Dilfer’s future home – at least we’ve crossed one potential landing place off the list.

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