Tony Siragusa has a new home for his NFL analysis and commentary. After his 13-year tenure with Fox Sports ended (reported in March by The Big Lead, but confirmed in August when Fox announced its NFL broadcast teams), the Goose has landed at Yahoo! Sports.

That means Siragusa will no longer be roaming the sidelines as a reporter, but Yahoo! may offer an outlet that better suits his personality and gift for storytelling. The former Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle will host a weekly video series titled “In the Trenches” from the Yahoo! studios in New York. Siragusa will tell stories from his 12-year NFL career and his time as a broadcaster, in addition to providing commentary on various rules, player rituals and pertinent issues in the league.

The first of those segments, “Are small market teams hampered by NFL broadcasts,” draws on Siragusa’s experience as a broadcaster, explaining how NFL games are covered on television and whether large-market, marquee matchups benefit from the added coverage that so many more cameras (up to seven or eight) on a telecast can provide. Take a look:

Siragusa certainly savored that first on-screen “Yahoo.” Maybe that will be his signature sign-on this season. Could he have that much fun saying “Fox”?

But the opening topic of NFL coverage certainly allowed Siragusa to speak from his experience as a player and broadcaster, while adding a bit of personal flair. Having been on the broadcast side and talking to coaches during production meetings, he knows that coaches are entirely aware of how many cameras will be in the stadium for that week’s broadcast and where they’re located. That might influence whether or not the coach asks for a replay challenge on a close call or not.

The digital videos will also include interviews and segments exploring certain aspects of the game, whether on the field or from the broadcast side, as we saw in Siragusa’s debut segment. Most importantly, he should be able to demonstrate the personality and insight that may not have always fit the restrictive role of a sideline reporter (or “sideline analyst,” as Fox labeled him). Just be engaging, funny and informative in two minutes, Goose!

“I am excited to be a part of Yahoo Sports,” Siragusa said in an official statement. “They have a great creative team that will allow me to express my inside experience from life both as a player and on the sidelines as an analyst. I look forward to giving football fans the information and insight that some may feel too sacred to talk about.”

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