Gary Radnich is a sports anchor for KRON in San Francisco and over the weekend, he was involved in one of the most awkward sports reports you’ll ever see.

Radnich was going to report on LeBron James appearing in Space Jam and Steph Curry’s knee, but apparently both of those topics were already covered by news anchor Catherine Heenan.  That led to a lecture from Radnich about “staying in your lane.”  The pair then talk about their scripts, their producer, Heenan’s relationship with Radnich’s mother, and other bizarre elements that seemingly break the fourth wall.

Well, all may not be as it appears.  Although Radnich seemed apoplectic over the mix-up, he took to Twitter afterwards, sharing the video of the awkwardness and saying that he was just “playing.”

Maybe Radnich was indeed playing, but given the look on Heenan’s face a couple of times throughout that exchange, she didn’t seem to be in on the joke.  And that probably goes for viewers at home as well.

[H/T Sports Radio PD]

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