When you host a solo radio program for several hours a day, odds are that eventually once upon a time you won’t remember every single thing that you said.  You may make some dead wrong predictions from time to time.  You may even say some things that are contradictory to one another.  And that’s why God invented the internet, to make sure each and every one can be documented for our entertainment and amusement.

Twitter user @RNs_Funhouse has built a following chronicling such instances in the life and times of the king of sports talk radio – Mike Francesa.

Watch and enjoy as Francesa repeatedly tells callers “I never said that” about things he definitely said.  It includes his thoughts on Donald Trump winning the nomination, Ryan Fitzpatrick being better than Drew Brees, and how many intentional walks Barry Bonds drew with the bases loaded, which is definitely the highlight of this compilation.  Make sure you stick around for the end of this one…

“My God, you guys are so literal about stuff it’s unbelievable!… who cares, you guys are nerds, that’s what you are, I mean it’s ridiculous!”

Between prank callers, media feuds, and now this, it’s not easy being numbah one.  Francesa’s lovehate relationship with his internet fanbase is really something to behold.

Via @RN’s_Funhouse

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