North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz was the signal caller of honor on this week’s Gruden QB Camp special and things got just a little weird between the two.  It makes you realize that these draft prospects, especially quarterbacks, earn every cent of their rookie contracts for the strange things they have to do.

First, let’s watch ESPN’s highest paid personality hit a potential Top 5 draft pick with a pool noodle…

You could tell Chucky really enjoyed that one.

Now, let’s watch Gruden be pulled along by Wentz on some kind of rope while the Monday Night Football analyst exclaims that he is a “big ol’ bison”…

Finally, the two share a special moment, bonding over what else – Spider 2 Y Banana…

After all that, Gruden says Wentz is the most NFL-ready quarterback that has hit the draft in the past couple of years.  Must have been how he stood in the pocket against the pool noodles.

Let’s just be thankful Gruden didn’t want to relive any scenes from Fargo with Wentz.

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