This year’s World Series is a monumental occasion as we’re guaranteed to see one of baseball’s two longest championship droughts come to an end when the Chicago Cubs play the Cleveland Indians. And once again, there’s a movement online to recognize the gravity of the series by urging Fox to replace Joe Buck with a special play by play announcer in the broadcast booth.

But no, this time it’s not for Vin Scully. It’s not even for one of the announcers of the Cubs or Indians… well, sort of. 

The online petition, which incredibly has over 12,000 signatures at this point in time, is calling for Bob Uecker to join the festivities for the World Series. Uecker was once a beloved announcer for the Cleveland Indians. In a movie.

Of course in real life, Uecker is the longtime voice of the Milwaukee Brewers. That isn’t stopping fans of the movie or the Indians or the Brewers or some kind of weird combination of the three to want Uecker to call the games. We’re not sure if they want him to announce the World Series as himself, or slip into character and play Harry Doyle from the Major League films.

The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series.

Bob Uecker is Bob Uecker – a national treasure. And his portrayal of an Indians broadcaster in the movie “Major League” is all-time great.

Replacing Joe Buck with Uecker would put one of the truly great entertainers in the game on its biggest stage.

Here’s the irony in all of this – the last two times the Indians made the World Series in 1995 and 1997, Uecker was in the broadcast booth. He served as an analyst alongside Bob Costas and Joe Morgan back when NBC had World Series rights. In 1995, they split the series with ABC and in 1997 they aired all seven games.

While the Uecker petition is a funny idea (and it’d be nice to see him maybe call a few innings) I want to know where the online petition for Monty is so we can get both Major League announcers in the Fox Sports booth?

Some day Monty, some day.


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