There’s been plenty of discussion about Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors (from reasoned to incoherent) and about his move to announce that via a sesquipedalian letter at The Players’ Tribune, and even good video parodies of his letter (such as Frank Caliendo reading it as Morgan Freeman), but Bill Simmons’ The Ringer managed to find a way to perfectly parrot the form for their own staffing announcements. The Ringer announced the hiring of ex-Grantland contributors Mark Titus (@clubtrillion) and Shea Serrano Tuesday, and did so with a Durantesque letter from each:

This is a very funny take on Durant’s announcement (and the rising use of The Players’ Tribune for announcements like this), and also a cool way for The Ringer to announce the addition of two popular staffers. Both Titus and Serrano have significant fanbases and were big parts of Grantland, and bringing them on board seems like a clear win for the site and a further way for it to appeal to those who liked Simmons’ previous project. Using some humor and creativity in this staffing announcement helped spread it further and boost the discussion about it, and that can only benefit The Ringer. Not only did they add two people who would have received significant buzz under any circumstances, they did so in a funny and engaging way that got a lot of attention. Nicely done.

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