10. Buffalo Sabres: 2.68
-Rick Jeanneret (play by play)
-Rob Ray (analyst)

Most popular grade: A (34.84% of voters)

Jeanneret is not only one of the elder statesmen of the NHL, but has always been one of the more entertaining voices in the sport. And it’s a great excuse to give you what I feel is the greatest Jeanneret call in the history of histories:

9. Detroit Red Wings: 2.71
-Ken Daniels (play by play)
-Mickey Redmond (analyst)
-Chris Osgood (analyst)

Most popular grade: A (33.57% of voters)

Daniels and Redmond are a very good broadcasting team who have been doing this forever, and the grades reflect that as the Wings broadcasters only got single digit percentages of D’s and F’s. I only wish that Redmond wouldn’t step on Daniels’ goal calls so much. But that’s nitpicky. They are a good way to spend three hours.


8. New York Rangers: 2.78
-Sam Rosen (play by play)
-Joe Micheletti (analyst)

Most popular grade: A (45.89% of voters)

Sometimes the game seems too fast for the 68-year- old Rosen who misses plays and misidentifies players, but relatively speaking, he’s still in the upper-third of local announcers. Micheletti has the ability to see a replay and know what happened in the video, which sounds basic but is an ability few analysts have. Throw in the fact that John Giannone is the best between-the-benches guy that doesn’t do national games and overall it’s a solid group.

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