20. Arizona Coyotes: 2.08
-Matt McConnell (play by play)
-Tyson Nash (analyst)

Most popular grade: C (41.41% of voters)

The Coyotes broadcast team is nature’s C students. They had the highest percentage of C’s in the bunch. Their sample size is a little smaller as they only received 198 votes, but the votes will tell you that the impression that McConnell and Nash make is that they’re just there. I do like Tyson’s wardrobe, though.

19. Anaheim Ducks: 2.12
-John Ahlers (play by play)
-Brian Hayward (analyst)

Most popular grade: C (30.88% of voters)

Ahlers and Hayward are a solid crew. Ahlers brings good energy to a broadcast. Hayward has been accused of being a little too “goalie-centric” at times (which makes sense because he was a goalie). The Ducks team got a high percentage of B’s and C’s, but just enough F’s to keep them in the lower half.

18. Winnipeg Jets: 2.13
-Denis Beyak (play by play)
-Shane Hnidy (analyst)

Most popular grade: C (39.07% of voters)

The duo of Beyak and Hnidy finished in the middle of the pack which is pretty suitable considering most fans gave them a C for their efforts. Scrounging through Twitter, you’ll find plenty of compliments and plenty of insults surrounding these two which perfectly summarizes their ranking on this list.

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