John Scott’s journey from fan-voted, NHL-banned enforcer to All-Star MVP seems like a natural fit for a sports movie, and now it appears that the “potential movie” his agent talked about Feb. 1 is getting closer to reality. Scott appeared on Sportsnet 590 The Fan in Toronto Wednesday, and told host Dean Blundell that a movie is in the works and may be coming soon:

“The movie thing is still going to happen, which is going to be super cool,” Scott told Dean Blundell on Sportsnet 590 The Fan on Wednesday. “The guy from Goon would probably be perfect [to play me], but he’s already spoken for, so I’m going to have to look somewhere else.”

Scott explained that a writer approached him about the possibility of turning his unlikely and controversial All-Star Game appearance into a movie before he flew to Nashville in late January. Don’t be surprised if you get a bunch of script offers, he told Scott.

That writer linked with a film production company and is one of multiple groups to have pitched Scott’s agent, Ben Hankinson, on the concept.

“I think they want to do [the movie] fairly quickly while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind,” said Scott.

Sports movies can be hit or miss, but Scott’s story does seem like a natural fit for one. One question is the casting, especially with Goon star (and 24/7 narrator!) Liev Schreiber unavailable, but there is someone in sports media who bears a resemblance to Scott:

On a more serious note, one question with this movie is if there’s enough to differentiate it from the likes of Goon (and possibly Kevin Smith’s forever-pending Hit Somebody). It’s also worth pondering just how much focus there will be on the All-Star appearance; that’s obviously the key selling point here, but how long can you drag that part of the story out? It will be interesting to see how this comes together. At the very least, hopefully they’ll have better luck releasing it than the Kelsey Grammar/Jason Segel ABA film

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