Lock of the week

Pre-game predictions sometimes lead to some funny moments, especially with a “lock,” and the NFL on Fox certainly delivered one Sunday. Terry Bradshaw said “My guaranteed lock of the week is Buffalo, and my upset’s Cleveland,” provoking Curt Menefee to respond “You know they’re playing each other?”

Apparently Bradshaw meant this as an intentional joke, as he then said “Like I said…” and broke out laughing (as did everyone else), and his on-screen picks showed Kansas City as a lock and New Orleans as an upset. This is just the latest humorous moment from Bradshaw, as we saw him modelling shirtless last month and zoning out on live TV last year.  However this was intended, it made for some pretty funny television. When you’re right 52 per cent of the time, you’re wrong 48 per cent of the time, and we haven’t seen locks as entertaining as this since Smooth Jimmy Apollo’s Lock of the Week:

[Ben Koo on Clippit]

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