Steve Young MNF costumes

Last week’s Monday Night Football broadcast featured a Broncos’ parachutist almost crashing into ESPN’s panelists during their pre-game on-the-field segment. Naturally, when the Monday Night Countdown crew followed the rest of ESPN in dressing up for Halloween this week, Steve Young opted to recreate the infamous parachute near-collision (fortunately, without jumping from a plane):

You can see the original one from last week here:

Nicely done by Young. Those are some pretty good costumes in general, including Matt Hasselbeck as Brian Urlacher, Randy Moss as a Viking, Charles Woodson as a Raiders’ fan and Trent Dilfer as some sort of sparkly unicorn (which is more convincing than when he’s dressed up as a NFL analyst), but it’s Young’s commitment to the bit (including running with the parachute deployed!) that’s particularly impressive. Well played.

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