Unless you’re a fan of Wyoming or San Diego State, it’s understandable if you were watching the Big Ten or ACC championship games on Saturday night, rather than the Mountain West championship.

However, if you did skip it, you missed more than a competitive game between the Cowboys and Aztecs. You also didn’t see the beginning of the broadcast when ESPN’s Steve Levy and Brian Griese went on camera in cowboy gear. As the old saying goes, when in Laramie, do as the Cowboys do. (No one may have actually said that.) Check it out:

Making it even better (or worse, depending on your view) is that Levy had his cowboy hat on backwards. Did he not put on the hat himself or just quickly put it on his head before the red light went on? The cut of the brim and shape of the crown should have led him in the right direction. It’s not like he was surprised with the idea of putting on the cowboy hat at the last minute. His bolo tie gives away that this was all planned.

Could the hat mishap have been orchestrated by Griese? Turning Levy’s hat around on camera did result in a laugh, more embarrassment, and a better intro overall. Sensing that Levy was already mortified (and blushing), did Griese inherently realize that it could be mined for further comedy? (“You set me up so bad,” Levy said.) If so, that was a masterful move.

San Diego State eventually prevailed, 27-24. So the Mountain West championship was indeed worth watching. But Levy and Griese got it off to an amusing start, one that we have surely overthought here.

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