From his original comments about Ray Rice, to his personal PR work for Floyd Mayweather, to now being maybe the lone voice defending Greg Hardy, Stephen A. Smith really enjoys planting his flag in some lonely places.

And in the most recent example, he’s also doing some typical Stephen A. Smith things along the way.  Like trying to deflect the blame away from Hardy by invoking the name of former Buffalo Bills WR James Hardy.

ESPN is paying Smith over $3 million per year while laying off hundreds of employees and shedding subscribers due to cord-cutting.

Well, that tweet is *technically* true.  James Hardy has been out of football since 2011, so you can’t blame him for the Cowboys’ struggles on the field this season.  Unfortunately the other Hardy has had some personal trouble of his own, though.

The tweet is laughable enough, but the video might be worse.  If you watch the video (which dear God, why would you do that to yourself) you’ll get a chance to listen to Stephen A. Smith do everything he can to save GREG Hardy’s NFL career, this in spite of the fact that even the Cowboys may have given up on him.  Smith blames Jerry Jones for inviting “dysfunctionality” and Jason Garrett for not being able to handle the situation.

Basically, Smith says not to blame Greg Hardy for the volatility brought to the Cowboys… by Greg Hardy.  Or is it James Hardy?

The first reply to Smith’s tweet is everything.

This is the man that is now arguably left standing tall as the face of ESPN.  No wonder times are so tough in Bristol.

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