I really don’t want to give him the attention. But following Kevin Durant’s announcement on Monday that he’d be joining the Golden State Warriors, Stephen A Smith had a meltdown across TV and social media that has to be seen to be believed.

Smith started out his holiday on SportsCenter alongside Chris Broussard. Predictably, he was calm and reasoned.

His only actual tweet on the situation was the typical hot take we’ve been hearing for the last 24 hours.

While talking to Randy Scott and Elle Duncan on SportsCenter, Smith actually didn’t yell about Durant, but still trashed him.

(now may be the time to remind everyone about Smith telling Durant to not make an enemy of him. For what it’s worth, last October, Smith said Durant could end up with the Lakers this summer…so hey, at least he got the state right!)

Smith then took to Facebook for a 20 minute Facebook Live chat. It was a sight to behold.

Stephen A. Smith was live. – Stephen A. Smith | Facebook

Stephen A. Smith was live.

He also did a couple of Periscope chats.

On one hand, good on Smith for promoting his brand on numerous platforms.

On the other hand…holy wow. It’s almost impressive how much rage he can conjure up about one free agent signing. Smith getting incredibly defensive and heated about Durant’s signing being compared to LeBron James is actually pretty damn entertaining.

For once, I’m disappointed First Take is off this week. The content would be off the charts, even without Skip Bayless defending the hell out of Durant while Smith throws him under the bus. Thanks a lot, Wimbledon!

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