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It’s still a bit hard to believe that after months and months of assuming Hillary Clinton would be our next president, she will, in fact, not be our next president.

Among those who haven’t come to terms with Hillary’s defeat are Sports Illustrated and The Cauldron. Here’s a screenshot from an article published Friday morning:

The piece is written by Olympic gold medalist Helen Maroulis. It describes her struggles with fear and anxiety and the need to overcome the stigma that “that champions are fearless, and that any admission to the contrary is defined as weakness.” It’s a powerful, important essay and definitely worth the read. We don’t mean to take anything away Maroulis’ struggle or her courageous decision to share it.

But it’s still pretty absurd that no one caught “President-Elect Hillary Clinton.”

The weird thing about this is that Maroulis cites results that supposedly come up when you Google her. But obviously there’s no article out there about how she was recognized by President-Elect Hillary Clinton because President-Elect Hillary Clinton is not a thing. For what it’s worth, nothing like that comes up when you Google Maroulis or even when you Google those words.

This is no shade at Maroulis or her editors. There’s no point in prosecuting the journalist ethics of a wrestler, and obviously the piece was written and edited back when we all thought Hillary was a shoo-in for the White House. Just something for us to laugh at to keep from crying.

Anyway, the mistake has been fixed.


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